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Our databases in 2020

Libraries and Readers: We Belong Together – Call for Vaccination Registration by the National Library and Professional Library Associations of Hungary

The Hungarian nation library, the National Széchényi Library and the professional associations of Hungarian libraries, librarians and information science professionals publish the following call.

Hungarian library services during the pandemic

From March 2020, our library and the Library Institute monitors the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on libraries. Its survey shows that more than 85% of libraries have introduced at least one innovation or made at least one development in the recent past. 

Sound Library – You can listen to sixty years of gramophone records online

Related to the Day of Hungarian Culture, our new service entitled Hangtár (Sound Library) has been launched.


Management of the pandemic situation in libraries

The library practice of more than twenty countries, followed during the second phase of the pandemic, was compiled by the staff of National Széchényi Library under the coordination of the Hungarian Library Institute.

The scope of NSZL's activities has been expanded with web archiving

On January 1, 2021, National Széchenyi Library was assigned a new task, based on a government decree issued in December 2020, which defines the tasks of the national library in relation to the preservation of web content provided and made public on the Internet.


“Who will preserve the Internet?” – the conference in Videotorium

Recordings of the presentations of the online conference held on December 2, 2020, as well as the deliverd presentations are now available.

The validity of NSZL reader passes has been prolonged until March 2, 2021

Due to the extension of pandemic restrictions, our Library is still unable to receive its readers personally. In this difficult time, we want to compensate our loyal readers for the inconvenience.

Tens of thousands of unique documents became freely available in our databases in 2020

As the largest Hungarian public collection, National Széchényi Library has been keeping a whole range of treasures that can rarely be seen and which may be surprising at first sight. During 2020, however, more and more curiosities became digitally freely accessible via our recently launched databases.